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This permanent 6-wheel driven vehicle is the best in off-road trials. Hence it can climb virtually anywhere out of the water on steep banks.

As this vehicle is designed to be mine proof (6 mm steel armour plating) for military use it is virtually unsinkable in water.

In water twin-jet propulsion app. 10.000 N.
Independent suspension and disc-brake all-round.
Hydraulic winch 50.000 N.
Option is an Atlas 3 Ton crane mounted in the cargo-space behind the cab.

This vehicle will be classified as an agricultural tractor, and historic vehicle (before 1972), therefore low /no tax, depending which country.

We got several vehicles in stock, waiting to be prepared / customized for you...

2002 IJsselmeer-windforce 6

click on picture for film

2002 IJsselmeer-windforce 6

2003 Ullswater- UK

2003 Ullswater- UK

2001 Loire- F.
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driver Jo Holdhus, Eidsvoll-N
jumping with 45 Kmh 4 m down the bank
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